JIT SERIES, T-shirt bag on-line production

Blown Film Unit : 吹袋裝置
1) Mono-layer or ABA co-extrusion 單層或 ABA
2) HDPE or LD/LLDPE 高密度 or 低密度聚乙烯
3) JANDI'S or your existing Blown Film Machine
Printing Unit : 印刷裝置
1) In-line 連線式
2) Flexographic or Rotogravure 膠(凸)版或銅(凹)版
3) Waster base or Solvent base ink 水性印墨或溶劑油墨
4) JANDI'S JIT printer or Stack type printer or
Your existing in-line printing machine
JIT 簡易型或一般印刷設備, 請洽詢尚宏機械,
In-Line Die-Cut Recycling Unit : 連線餘料回收裝置
1) To re-use die-cut (10-15% waste) on line 餘料回收吹膜(節省用料10-15%)
2) Only available with JANDI'S extruder 此選配只適用於尚宏機械吹袋設備
JIT Auto Bag Unit : JIT自動製袋設備 (Patented, 多項專利)
1) For both In-Line & Off-Line Operation 可和吹膜印刷連線或獨立操作製袋
2) 15" HMI for operation control & records (option) 15"人機觸控/紀錄(選配)
- Extrusion Control / Production (kg/hr) 押出/產量控制(公斤/小時)
- Bubble width control (Auto air in-out) 袋寬自動控制(自動充氣抽氣)
- Power Consumption (Total KW & KW/KG) 耗電量(總耗電/單位產量耗電)
- Alarm & Trouble Shooting Instructions 警報/異常紀錄, 故障排除指示
- Possible for connecting / data collecting 可進行資料蒐集, 導入物聯網/互聯網
3) Frame for Auto punching press (option) 框架式自動沖床(選配)
- Servo Driven, Hand-Free Operation 伺服控制, 全自動調整
- Die-Cut Knife Easy-Remove & Easy-Adjust 打孔刀模容易抽換/調整
- Bag Weight / Quantity Auto Adjustment 製袋重量/張數自動調整
- Storage room for spare parts 零件存放管理
- Ready for Auto-Packing unit (coming soon) 可安裝自動包裝(近期即將推出)
Simply use JIT Auto Bag Unit with your Existing Blown Film & in-line printer, the production process becomes Fully Automatic.
原有的吹膜連線印刷設備,只要再加上 JIT自動製袋設備,就是全自動化生產.