Machine & Bio-Degradable Material-Q&A

Machine & Bio-Degradable Material-Q&A

  1. Q Usually how long it will take the bag or blown film to degrade with environment?

A It is based on the OK compost standard, EN 13432 requires the compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2. 


  1. Q What type of environment will accelerate or decelerate degrading?

A A compost facility or high humidity and heat.


  1. Q Is it possible for this bag or blown film to recycle?

A No it is not

According to the Supplier, the bio-resin could not be recycled. However according to our experience, it is possible to be reused/recycled on line during the production (for example by JIT machine, from Blown film - Printing - Bag making - Die cut recycling & now also packing, all-in-1 process. Please refer to our video:


  1. Q Regular virgin resin or recycled pellet can be added to the recycled materials?

A No, as the melting temperature is different, and the character of the material is also different


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