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Inflation Machine

Tiny Inflation Machine

HDPE High Speed Inflation Machine

HDPE Super High Speed Inflation Machine

Twin Head Inflation Machine

LD/LLDPE Super High Speed Inflation Machine

LD/LLDPE High Speed Inflation Machine

Two-Layer & Two-Color Inflation Machine

2 Layer Co-Extrusion Inflation Machine

3 Layer Co-Extrusion Inflation Machine

Bag Making Machine

Bag On Roll Making Machine

Shopping Bag Making Machine

Knife-Cutting Bag Making Machine

Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

Zip Lock Bag Making Machine

Tensionless Bag Making Machine

T-Shirt Bag Making Line

Finished Products

Knife Cutting / Bottom Sealing Bag ( Find machine from bag )

Side-Sealing Bag ( Find machine from bag )

Heat-heating ( Find machine from bag )

Bag-on-roll ( Find machine from bag )

Recycling Machine

Die Face Cutting Type Plastic Film Recycling Machine

Water Cooling Type Plastic Film Recycling Machine

Edge-Trim / Die-Cut Recycling Unit

Printing Machine

In-Line Printing Machine

Off-Line Printing Machine

Poly Bag Machines for the packaging of Teltile / Garments & their accessories

HD/LD/LLDPE High Speed Inflation Machine

P.P. Tubular Film Inflation Machine

Stack Type Flexographic Printing Machine

Side-Sealed Bag Making Machine

Laundry Bag Making Machine

Bottom-Sealed Bag Making Machine

Plastic Film Recycling Machine




JANDI’S Eco-Friendly Blown Film Machines Biodegradable, Compostable, Water Soluble For PLA, PBAT or PVA

PLA/PBAT Blown Film Machine

PLA/PBAT Shopping Bag Making Line

PVA Blown Film Machine